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Acasta Gneiss
The Acasta Gneiss is a Hadean tonalite gneiss that is the world's oldest surviving crustal rock. It outcrops
in the remotest Northwest Territories of the Canadian arctic and is only accessible by sea-plane where
temperatures are often almost -50 degrees celsius. As such it is expensive to collect but worth it as no
rock on earth is older. Dated to 4.03 billion years the specimens listed here were all obtained directly from
the legal owners of the mineral rights for the region.
Rock Specimens
Morton Gneiss
The Morton Gneiss is a Archean migmatitic gneiss that is the oldest rock in the United States.
It outcrops around Morton, Minnesota and has been dated to 3.6 billion years.
Morton Gneiss specimens - £6/$10
Housed in a ~1.5 inch gem jar as shown.
Cambrian Beach Sandstone
These slices are from the Mount Simon complex of Wisconsin and represent a beach deposit from
a series of barrier islands. The distinct banding in the specimens is clear to see with a very fine
grained layer alternating with a coarse sandstone, which is indicative of a storm event. Interesting
pieces preserving ancient storm activity from the late Cambrian. Thought provoking stuff.
Cambrian Beach Sandstone - £12/$20
Housed in a 2 x 2 inch glass fronted display case.
Acasta Gneiss size 1
Housed in a ~1 inch gem jar - £10/$15
Acasta Gneiss display case
Housed in a ~1.5 inch gem jar - £15/$20
Mid Atlantic Ridge lava sample - £10/$15
A rare piece of lava from the Mid Atlantic ridge collected on Ascension Island just 60 miles from
the ridge. Barely 1 million years old these are some of the youngest volcanic rocks.
Mid Atlantic Ridge
Mount Vesuvius lava slice - £10/$15
collected from the area around Pompeii
these slices show the internal details of
the lava bombs that fall in the area.
Mount Santorini lava slice - £15/$20
From the Thera eruption in 1628 B.C.
that destroyed the Minoan civilisation
Historical Specimens