All of the specimens listed below are from the Lower Lias clays of Gloucester, England. They
are part of Lower Jurassic (Sinemurian)
Oxynoticeras chronozone. All specimens are pyritised
Each specimen measures approximately 23-35mm long and shows well defined chambers. Images
show typical specimens like the one you will receive.
Bifericeras bifer
Bifericeras bifer - £8/$12 each. Typical specimens measure ~3 cm
Cheltonia acciptris
Cheltonia - £6/$10 each. Typical specimens measure ~2 cm
Crucilobiceras sp.
Crucilobiceras #1 - £6/$10 each. Typical specimens measures ~3cm.
Oxynoticeras oxynotum
Oxynoticeras - £8/$12 each. Typical specimens measure ~3 cm
Ammonite collection
Ammonite collection - £8/$12
A nice collection of 6 difference Lower Lias ammonites. All are
complete and housed in labelled 28mm gem jars. The specimens in
the collection are:

Cheltonia acciptris
Crucilobideras sp.
Bifericeras bifer
(male and female forms)
Oxynotus oxynotum
Bifericeras nudicosta
Moroccan Baby Ammonites - £15/$25 for ~100
~100 baby ammonites from the Jurassic of Morocco. These are sold by weight and so the actual number
can range from 75 to over 100. Nice, mostly clean specimens.
Pyritised phargmacones £10/$15 each
Ammonites are one of the most abundant and important Mesozoic fossils. The evolution of the
group was so rapid that particular species can be used to correlate geological beds within fairly
narrow dates. With the modern Nautilus being one of the last remaining members of the group, it
is fossils from the Mesozoic (especially the Jurassic and Cretaceous) that show the great diversity
of forms that once swam in the oceans.

The ammonite animal was similar to a modern squid except it lived within a shell. Many types are
believed to have floated peacefully in the water column, carried by ocean currents until prey or
predators approached. When needed, propulsion was achieved by squirting water in a jet to give
sudden bursts of speed. Being both predator and prey, the size of different species is highly
variable varying from barely 1cm to some forms becoming enormous and measuring a metre or
The following specimens are all from the Cretaceous of Madagascar.
Cymatoceras Nautiloid
£10/$15 each
Fire Iridescent Cleoniceras
£6/$10 each
Cleoniceras morganifromis
£5/$8 each
Cleoniceras polished
£5/$8 each
Cleoniceras besairei
£5/$8 each