Arthropods & Insects
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Belotelson magister (A) - £15/$25
An very nice specimen of this arthropod
from the Mazon Creek site of Illinois.
Excellent detail, as the images show, with
the legs, head and digestive tract clear to
see. Paired nodule ~50mm  - 2 inches
From the Hell Creek Formation of Montana, these specimens are fossilised insect cocoons that
were found among the bones of dinosaurs. They are from a species of insect that thrived around
the rotting carcasses of dead dinosaurs and are often found between the ribs suggesting they
crawled into the rib cage of the carcass to pupate. Shown in a 1.25 inch gem jar for scale.
Cretaceous Insect Cocoons
Single specimens as illustrated above - £25/$40 each