Brooksville, Florida
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The Brooksville 2 site in Hernando County,
Florida was discovered in the 1990's and
represents a rare example of Late
Oligocene fissure and cave fills. The site
was exhaustively collected by the Florida
museums and is now worked out. Recent
trips to the site have failed to find any new
fossil bearing fissures.

Being a cave deposit, the site preserves a
fauna of unique composition. Bat bones are
common, as are the teeth of tunnel
dwelling rodents. Large species are only
rarely represented. The prevalence of frog
remains indicates it was a moist
environment, with the site preserving one of
the greatest concentration of frog fossils
known in the geological record.

Other fossils include diminutive beavers,
Gila monsters and Iguanid lizards. Rabbit
teeth are very common and were
undoubtedly either inhabitants of the caves
and fissures or represented the prey of the
mustellids and canids (also den dwellers)
that are known.

Snake fossils are also unusually common
at the site and would have been hunting
the small rodents and amphibians. It is not
uncommon for snakes to live in holes, and
those created by the fissures and caves
would have been a perfect environment.

Most of the fauna is of a small size, with
most fossils typically measuring only a few
mm long.
Calamagras Snake Vertebra - £6/$10
Geringophis Vertebra - £6/$10
Scolecophidia - £15/$25
Very rare, minute blind snake
vertebra. Barely 1 mm long.
Frogs & Amphibians
Frog Bone collection - £10/$15
Typically includes Ranid frog ilium, humerus, radioulna, angulosplenial, quadrate, although
this can vary slightly. A rare collection as frog material is not at all common in the fossil record.
Amphibian Vertebra - £6/$10
A rare vertebrae from a newt or
salamander. The first of their kind
that we have had.
Plestiodon jaw section - £6/$10
Anolis iguana jaw section - £8/$12
Crocodile tooth
Gila Monster dermal
scale £3/$5
Autotomous vertebra
Anolis iguana
vertebra - £6/$10
Bat molar - £10/$15
Bat finger bone - £3/$5
Bat incisor - £10/$15
Rodents & Mammals
Agnotocastor beaver
tooth £10/$15
Arikeeomys tooth
Prosciurus tooth
Nototamias tooth
Heliscomys tooth
premolar £6/$10
Kirkomys tooth
Proheteromys molar
Megalagus rabbit 2
teeth £3/$5
Mammal toe and
claw £10/$15
Rodent incisor £3/$5
Canid tooth £6/$10
Heliscomys rodent tooth
Above and left: SEM photographs of typical
specimens from the Brooksville 2 locality.

Top row left to right: Bat incisor,
rabbit tooth, and
Proheteromys rodent tooth.

Anolis Iguanid jaw with teeth

Below left: Ranid frog humerus. This is the
most common frog fossil found but is
typically broken in half, likely as a result of
predation (the crushing action of snakes is
a good example).