Roman Coins
We have always had an interest in coins and originally started collecting in the early 1980's. As with other hobbies we decided to turn it
into a business for selling the surplus items we come across in our travels. This new part of the website is the result. Our aim is to make
coins accessible to everyone, especially entry level collectors who are just dipping their toes in the numismatic waters.
You can contact
us with any questions.

When we first started collecting it was very difficult to find coins in quantity but over the years, and with the advent of the Internet, the
market has greatly opened up. On this site you will find coins both for sale individually, in collections and by weight.
About Us
At the present time almost all of our coins are originating in Israel, where the exportation of coins is perfectly legal. We do not knowingly
obtain coins that have come from areas where coin export is illegal.

The benefit of obtaining coins from Israel (the majority coming from Jerusalem) is that coins of all ages and types are found as the city
was one of the centres of the ancient world. With trade routes to Africa, Asia, and Europe all passing through Jerusalem it is not
uncommon for hoards to contain coins dating from the 3rd or 4th century B.C. right through to 1500 A.D.

Most of our coins have had some cleaning by us or our suppliers using traditional and accepted methods (such soaking in distilled
water or olive oil) while others are uncleaned. In some instances more radical methods were required to produce a coin that was worth
keeping, be it through chemical or manual preparation. For our cleaning guide
visit this page.
Our Coins
Everyone has heard of coin hoards and we all imagine some poor chap burying his worldly possessions in the ground for safety but
through some catastrophe never being able to reclaim them. However, coin hoards can accumulate in other ways. In the first example
the coins would usually be within a fairly narrow time range - i.e. if the coins had been buried in 379 AD we would expect to see coins
dating back a couple of hundred years with the majority being closer to the date of burial. Yet, coin hoards can naturally accumulate
over time via dozens, hundreds and even thousands of people. Think about a wishing well and how coins are tossed in for luck. In
ancient time coins would be tossed into sacred springs, oases and other such areas as offerings in just the same way. People from all
over the ancient world be carrying their local coinage and toss whatever small change they had into the sacred springs, so you can get
Roman, Jewish, Greek, Egyptian, Islamic and even more exotic coins in the same hoard.

This brings us onto another important point about the majority of hoards - in most instances the quality is generally only poor to good,
with few coins being of very good quality or better. There is a simple explanation for this and that is that people would naturally keep
their best coins for themselves for use in commerce. The Gods were perfectly happy with a worn coin, so that is often what was tossed
in. The one good point about this is that it takes many, many years for coins to be worn down so some very old coins are often found.
Also, with a little cleaning what might look like a completely blank coin will suddenly reveal details as the ancient grime is removed. We
have personally seen coins covered in over a millimetre of thick encrustation with no details visible suddenly turn into very good quality
coins with many fine details after careful cleaning. You just never know what you will find in an old, encrusted coin.
Coin Hoards
This is a tricky subject as it is be subjective, especially with ancient coins where methods of manufacture and metal quality vary greatly
from one mint or century to the other. As an example, a coin with a complete legend in just fair quality is often more appealing than a
good quality coin stamped off centre and missing a legend, even though the details in the latter will be sharper. Ancient coins can be
stamped on irregular shaped pieces of metal (flans), or the die way off centre so only part is shown, or the coin can even be clipped
(deliberately cut by someone in antiquity who wished to hoard some of the metal for themselves). Many things come into play and it is
down to the individual collector to decide what they prefer. Having said that a very good quality coin is generally recognised as such by
everyone. For the purpose of this website most of the coins we offer are of average quality as that is what is most commonly found in

All of our coins are great for general collectors as they are inexpensive yet many contain good details. As prices for the best coins
continually rise it is not uncommon for collectors to settle on lower quality coins for a couple of reasons. Firstly, lower grade coins are
only a fraction of the cost of a high grade coin of the same type (that
does not mean they are worthless as they are genuine pieces of
history and thought provoking objects) and thus much more affordable. Secondly, for people not looking at their coins as investment
vehicles but instead as windows into history then buying lower grade coins makes your money go much further - If you can get 65% of
the details on a coin for an outlay of only £1/$2 but have to spend 100 times as much to get 100% the details it soon becomes obvious
how far you can make your money go if you are content not to have the best of every type. It is to this market and collector that we
principally cater.
Coin Quality

For Sale
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All prices are listed in British Pounds Stirling only. This is because exchange rates have been fluctuating greatly over the last 12
months and if we listed other currencies we would be constantly changing prices.

At the present time we can only ship to the UK and EU as shipping to other countries is illegal without an export permit
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Please remember that ancient coins are a finite resource, so it may be that at certain times we
have no stock on hand. As new coins are cleaned or obtained we will list them on the site.