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Mississippian sharks from the Prospect Hill Formation
Late Cretaceous marine and terrestrial vertebrates from Mississippi
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Ordovician to Cretaceous microfossils already sorted and mounted in slides
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Permian bone thin sections
Permian vertebrates from the Red Beds of Texas - Now Two pages of material
Permian vertebrate rich matrix from Oklahoma and Texas - many rare samples
Permian vertebrates from Richard' Spur, Oklahoma - 4 pages of
material including many very rare Mycterosaurus Pelycosaur fossils
Vertebrate fossils from the Bull Canyon Formation of New Mexico
including Dinosaurs, reptiles, amphibians, sharks and much more
Conodont, shark, fish and other vertebrate microfossil matrix samples
Palaeozoic ostracod and invertebrate microfossil matrix samples
Tertiary ostracod and invertebrate microfossil matrix samples
Sharks and Fish
Devonian age sharks from the Maple Mill Formation
Palaeozoic sharks and fish
Matrix collections from Gotland, England, Oklahoma and Tennessee
Dinosaur and reptile fossils from the Hell Creek Formation of South Dakota and Montana
Lower Cretaceous dinosaurs from the sandstones of Morocco
Invertebrates and Plants
Cretaceous mammal teeth from the Hell Creek Formation
Pennsylvanian plants from England and North America
Ordovician to Permian crinoids, cystoids and blastoids
Trilobites from North America - Now 2 pages
Super quality flint stone tools from the Sahara Desert
Ice age mammals from around the world
Early horse fossils from the Miocene of Nebraska
Lower Mississippian Silicified Ostracods from California and Nevada
Permian vertebrates from Waurika, Oklahoma - 3 pages
Brachiopods from the Cambrian to Cretaceous periods UPDATED
Stone tools from North America
Cenozoic sharks and fish from the USA and Morocco
Mesozoic sharks and fish from England, Belgium and Morocco
Microfossils Wanted and Introduction Page
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Mesolithic and Neolithic stone tools from Africa and the UK
A brand new ~700 page hard back book on the Lower Permian Vertebrates of Waurika
Permian vertebrate skull casts
Mesozoic ostracod and invertebrate microfossil matrix samples
Collections of these important and enigmatic vertebrate fossils.
A brand new 220 page hard back book on the Vertebrates of Richards Spur
New Richards Spur Permian fossils - Two pages of new material
Jurassic and Cretaceous ammonites
Marine reptiles from Morocco
4 Pages of microfossils, brachiopods, matrix samples and Chitinozoa
Excellent examples of some of the earliest stone tools
A series of microfossil matrix collections covering the Ordovican to recent
Devonian fish from the red sandstones of the Ukraine
Devonian fish from the famous quarries of Orkney, Scotland
Journals and Books
~700 page hardbound book with 2000+ images of Lower Permian Vertebrates
Mesozoic and Cenozoic coprolites including some big display pieces
Matrix samples from the dinosaur extinction event at the end of the Cretaceous
Rocks, Meteorites & Impactites
Impactites ranging in age from the Palaeoproterozoic to Triassic
A small selection of meteorites and tektites
Specimens of the rare EL3 classification Al Haggounia fossil meteorite
Impactites ranging in age from the Triassic to Miocene
A selection of jellyfish and trace fossils from this Cambrian shoreline deposit
Polychaete worm jaws (Scolecodonts) from the Ordovician and Silurian
Chitinozoa from the Silurian of Gotland
Slices and thin sections of sponges and stromatolites
Thin Sections of fossils and meteorites.
Lunar meteorites and slices of Tranquilityite
The World's Oldest rocks plus other interesting rock specimens
New book - 'Lower Permian Freshwater Sharks and Fishes of Texas and Oklahoma'
Mississippian Conodonts of The Chappel Limestone - SEM images!
Lower Permian Sharks and Fishes of Texas and Oklahoma
Volcanic ash specimens from ancient, historical and recent eruptions
Microinvertebrate rich samples from the Holocene
Lower Permian Vertebrates of Oklahoma Vol. 2
Silicified Devonian plants from Scotland
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Roman pottery, coins and jewellery
Oligocene frogs, bats, iguanids and mammals
Lower Cambrian Archaeocyathids from Australia