Cretaceous Vertebrates
of Mississippi
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The Frankstown locality (Demopolis Formation) of Northern Mississippi was discovered during road construction in
the early 1990's. It was a sandy lag deposit rich in vertebrate remains dating from the late Cretaceous. Sharks were
the most abundant part of the fauna but fish, marine reptile and even dinosaur fossils were found in abundance,
making it one of the most important vertebrate sites ever found in Mississippi. The site was extensively studied and
collected for one year before being buried by highway construction. Small outcrops still remain in creek beds but the
main collecting area is long gone.
Fish Fossils
Enchodus ferox
Upper and lower jaw plus
sabre tooth. 25 to 60 mm (~1 to
2 inches) £8/$12
Paralbula casei
1 to 2 mm micro teeth.
Excellent detail
£3/$5 per pair
Rays and Sawfish
Miscellaneous Fossils
Brachyrhizodus wichitaensis
~ 10mm lateral teeth
Brachyrhizodus mcnultii
~5mm very nice button
teeth from this ray.
£3/$5 pair
Ischyriza mira mira
4 mm rare, complete sawfish tooth - £15/$25
Ray Dermal Denticles
Set of 3 different types 1 to 10mm long. £8/$12 per set
Ptychotrigon triangularis
Excellent ray teeth ~3mm
long. £2/$3
Scapanorhynchus raphiodon texanus
Upper and lower tooth
25 mm - 3/4 inch
£10/$15 per pair
Squalicorax pristodontus and
Squalicorax kaupi
10-20mm - 3/8 to 3/4 inch
£3/$5 each
Lissodus babulski
~5 mm wide hydodont shark tooth
Cantioscyllium descipiens
Rare nurse shark ~5 mm wide
Shark coprolites
Showing sprial
structure ~15mm
Medium coprolites
~15mm - 1/2 inch  £3/$5 (3)
Anamoeodus latidens
double Fish tooth plate
Measures ~20mm - 3/4 inch
£5/$8 each
Hybodus sp.
Tooth. ~5 to 8mm £5/$8
Small coprolites
~15mm - 1/2 inch  £1/$2 for 3
Hadrodus priscus
Excellent rooted fish teeth
~6 mm - £3/$5