All of the specimens on this page are from the Silurian of Gotland.
Although they can be locally very abundant, chitinozoa are a
microfossil that is rarely ever seen for sale (these are the first we
have had).

The affinities of the chitinozoa is still debated but one of the more
popular theories is that they are the egg cases of gastropods.
Each chitinozoa is a glossy, black, flask shaped fossil, sometimes
inflated, but often compressed. They are small microfossils
(smaller than most ostracods) but remarkably distinct as they have
completely different preservation to other fossils - they are soft
and fibrous as if they were recent, which they are not.

Although the fauna on Gotland is diverse, a single genera
overwhelmingly dominates -
Conochitina (right). At present we can
offer several chitinozoa rich samples from Gotland. Interestingly
they are all from the lower part of the succession.
Above left: chitinozoa rich sample from Gotland showing how plentiful specimens can be.
Right: enlargement of picked specimens showing typical preservation.
Chitinozoa Samples For Sale
The following samples all contain abundant chitinozoa (as shown in the images above). Most
are from the same geological formation but from several different localities and horizons. None
of the samples have been picked or sorted, but they have been processed to make them as
clean as possible. Ostracods and other microfossils are also very common in all samples.
Chitinozoa collection - £12/$20

Four chitinozoa and microfossil rich samples
from the Upper Visby and Hogklint beds. The
localities included are as follows:
Ygne - Upper Visby Beds
Lickershamn - Upper Visby Beds
Irevik 1 - Upper Visby Beds
Kneipbyn - Hogklint Beds
Chitinozoa Rich Matrix samples - £3/$5 each
At present we can offer chitinozoa rich samples from the following localities
(image left is an SEM of an actual specimen picked from these collections):
Each of these samples also
contains a diverse fauna of other
marine invertebrates.
Mounted Chitinozoa Conochotinia visbyensis - £2/$3 per capsule
These specimens are for those not wanting to sort through matrix. Here we have picked and mounted
10 chitinozoa of the species
Conochitinina visbyensis in a custom labeled micropalaeontology
capsule. No further preparation is required and they are ready for immediate microscopy.
Rovar Liljas - Lower Visby
Beds - Chitinozoa sample
An excellent chitinozoa rich
sample. The black chitinous
flasks are clear to see in the
images. Excellent stuff.
Irevik 1 - Upper Visby Beds
Chitinozoa sample
This sample represents the very
fine fraction of matrix (60 um and
smaller). Chitinozona and
ostracods are abundant.
Kneipbyn - Hogklint unit C
Chitinozoa sample
A very good quality sample that
has a varied fauna including
common ostracods, bryozoans
and shell material. Chitinozoa
specimens are common.
Gnisvard - Upper Visby Beds
Chitinozoa sample

A rare chitinozoa (and ostracod)
rich sample. Excellent stuff.
Kneipbyn - Hogklint Beds
Snackgardsbaden - Hogklint Beds

Ygne - Upper Visby Beds
Lickershamn 1 - Upper Visby Beds
Irevik 1 - Upper Visby Beds
Gnisvard - Upper Visby Bed
Rovar Liljas - Lower Visby Beds
Nyhamn Well - Lower Visby Beds

Klintebys - Mulde Beds