Images for Publication
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** Denotes older digital image
All images presented below are in low resolution of ~15 inches wide at 72 DPI
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Image 143 - Ictitherium wongi
Hyaena lower jaw, Miocene, China (All four images for single cost)
Image 141 - Merycoidodon culbertsoni Oreodont
Brule Formation, Oligocene, Nebraska (All three images for single cost)
Image 142 - Hepserocyon gregarius Dog
Brule Formation, Oligocene, Nebraska
Image 144 - Mammoth tooth
Image 145 -Plant debris found in the hair of a mammoth
(All images for single cost)
Image 146 - Ice Age Camel
Image 148 - Ice age deer leg Odocoileus
Image 147 - Holmesina
giant armadillo claw
Image 152 - Ice age dog skull
Image 151 - Muskrat skull
Image 150 - Possum skull
Image 149 - Castor beaver skull