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Image 145 - Callixylon whiteanum
Earliest know wood thin sections showing growth rings and vertical cell
structure (both images for single charge)
Woodford Shale, Devonian, Oklahoma
Image 144 - Buthotrephis flexosa
Bertie Waterlime
Silurian, New York
Image 146 - Aglaophyton major
silicified plant thin section showing cells
Rhynie Chert, Lower Devonian,
Rhynie, Scotland.
Image 148 - Thorny plant
Pennsylvanian Coal Measures
Pottsville Formation, Pennsylvania
Image 150 - Carpites newberryana seed
Green River Shale, Eocene, Colorado (all 3 images for single cost)
Image 147 - Sawdonia ornata
Spiny plant, Battery Point Formation, Lower Devonian,
Ontario, Canada (Both images for single cost)
Image 152- Charophyte
Gotland, Sweden
Image 151 - Unidentified seedpod
Green River Shale, Eocene, Colorado (both images for single cost)
Image 149 - Sigillaria ovata
Pennsylvanian Coal Measures
West Yorkshire, England