Images for Publication
Over the years we have accumulated a considerable number of images suitable for publication. All copyrights belong to KD Fossils and as
such we can license their use. Our images have been used in numerous publications produced by National Geographic, Indiana Press,
RCA Records, JAT Publications, The Elvis Files, and books produced by independent writers.

Our terms and conditions for image use are simple:

1.) Unless otherwise agreed upon permissions are for one time use in a specific issue, volume, or title of publication. Reprints of any
publication do not require new permissions. Revised editions do, however, require updated permission.

2.) Any images licensed from us can be used on the covers, dust jacket or internally for any printed work, and can be used in the marketing
of the title for which they are licensed.

3.) Credit for image usage needs to appear in the acknowledgements and in the caption accompanying the image, and should read
"Courtesy Kieran Davis"

4.) A copy of any and all marketing materials featuring licensed images needs to be provided along with an agreed upon quantity of the
final product, be it book, magazine, newspaper, DVD, CD etc. These are to be provided to KDFossils free of charge and will typically only
number between one and 3 copies depending on the size of the finished product.

5.) You will need to let us know exactly how the image will be used as we do not license images for use in offensive or controversial

6.) Most images have received some manipulation to tidy them up be it trimming, colour balance, hue saturation, dust removal, sharpening
and so on, but all can still be heavily manipulated. The licensing agreement allows you to crop, rotate, edit, convert to black and white, or
perform any other standard photograph editing procedure necessary for the image to meet your requirements.

7.) You can request up to 6 images at no cost other than those listed in condition #6 above (exceptions see #8 below). Usage of more than
6 images will require compensation either in finished product, payment or a mixture of both. The exact terms will be determined on a case
by case basis, but typically usage costs £5 to £10 per image depending on the number and quality of the images. In all cases a copy of the
finished product is required to be provided free of charge.

8.) If licensed images are being used on materials such as postcards and posters then a fee will apply, regardless of the number of images
used. Again, the cost is determined on a case by case basis, so please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.
At the present time we can offer images in two categories
Fossils & Meteorites
Elvis Presley
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