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Lunar Meteorites
Nice micromounts of the Dhofar 461 lunar meteorite. Each specimen is housed in a
display case. The pieces are not sold by weight. Typical specimens measure ~4 mm.
Dhofar 461 - Lunar Meteorite
Dhofar Lunar 461Small fragments in display case - £25/$35
Tranquilityite thin section - £10/$15
These specimens are thin sections of Tranquilityite, a mineral that was first
found in moon rocks collected by the Apollo missions. Recently is has been
found in terrestrial rocks in Western Australia. It is a rare mineral.
Lunar Meteorite Dust Necklace - £15/$20
Each vial contains a small amount of
dust that was produced during the
preparation of lunar meteorites. Genuine
fragments of the moon. Comes with a
silver plated necklace and COA. From
NWA 5000.