Devonian Sharks Of The
Maple Mill Formation
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The Maple Mill Formation is of Upper Devonian age and outcrops near Kalona, Iowa. The deposit contains a diverse
assemblage of conodonts and vertebrates, many of which appear almost exclusively as microfossils. The vast
majority of Palaeozoic shark teeth are actually microscopic in size and unlike their mesozoic cousins rarely attain
large sizes. There are many genera of sharks known from the Palaeozoic but as most can only be collected by
dissolving shales and limestone in acid they are rarely seen for sale. The Maple Mill sharks have never been
intensively studied and as the species may be undescribed we have only listed specimens by their genus.

All of the specimens listed measure between ~1 and 3 mm.
A photographic ID card showing an enlarged image of each genera will accompany every order. All specimens are
housed in micropalaeontology slides with slip case and cover.
All specimens show better details than the images suggest and unless noted are the actual
specimens you will receive.
Ptychtodus sp.
Excellent complete tritor with
excellent enamel surface
Lissodus sp.? - £15/$25
Very good quality complete tooth from a
long ranging genus. Rare in the Maple Mill.

There is some similarity between this tooth
and the
Orodus teeth listed above and the
identifications are not positive. This
specimen has a slight labial swelling,
which is typical of
Lissodus, whereas the
Orodus? specimens do not.
Orodus sp. - £10/$15 each
Very good quality complete teeth.
Protacrodontid shark scales - £6/$10
Excellent complete shark scale showing the distinct
underside and a smooth domed upper surface.
Dalmehodus sp. - £15/$25 each - a rare genus
Helodus sp. - £10/$15 each
Low domed teeth with distinct tubular dentine.
Phaebodus sp. - £6/$10 each
Good quality near complete tooth showing the three distinct cusps.
Protacrodus sp. - £6/$10 each
Very good quality near complete tooth.
Undetermined genus - £15/$25 each
Excellent quality complete tooth with root. These teeth are all narrow and flat, with a low dome. Clearly a crushing
tooth but the specimens are at present a mystery. Evidence of tubular dentine in some specimens.
Cladoides sp.  - £15/$25 each
A rare near complete tooth
Crushing tooth
#1 - £6/$10
Exact genus
Deltodus sp. #1 - £15/$25
A rare tooth at this locality.
Orodus sp.? #5 - £25/$35
Very good quality. Three
articulated teeth. Rare
Phaebodus sp. - £6/$10
Isolated tooth crown.
Protacrodus sp. - £20/$35
Excellent quality complete tooth with root.
Protacrodus sp. - £15/$25 each
Very good quality teeth with roots
Shark fin spine. #1 - £20/$35
Very good quality fin spine. Rare in
the Maple Mill. 5 mm long
Shark fin spine. #3 - £10/$15
Good quality fin spine.
3 mm long
Protacrodus serra - £25/$40 each
Excellent quality uncommon tooth with root.