We have one of the largest selections of microfossils available on the web, and we are after more. If you are able
to provide matrix that contains microfossils of any age then we are interested in hearing from you. Ideally we would
like it if the material is already prepared, but this is not essential.

We are interested in any matrix that contains conodonts, ostracods, foraminifera, vertebrates, and any of the
invertebrates. We are desperately looking for samples from the Cambrian (especially any of the
small shelly fossils
faunas) and the Triassic.

With regards to recently deposited material, we are interested in radiolarians (any age or locality will do) and any
samples rich in foraminifera, ostracods etc. Should you have any microfossil matrix that you wish to sell or trade
then please
contact us
On this website there are microfossil samples from almost every geological period. We provide the material in two
forms - processed matrix or slide mounts. The processed matrix is for those wishing to sort and pick the microfossils
themselves, the slides contain prepicked and mounted specimens that are available for study without the need for
further work.

With 100 different microfossil matrix samples, comprehensive collections and slide mounts there should be
something for everyone who has an interest in the material. If you have any questions please feel free to
contact us
Ordovician to Cretaceous microfossils already sorted and mounted in slides
Conodont, shark, fish and other vertebrate microfossil matrix samples
Palaeozoic ostracod and invertebrate microfossil matrix samples
Tertiary ostracod and invertebrate microfossil matrix samples
Mesozoic vertebrate and invertebrate microfossil matrix samples
Rare silicified ostracods from Nevada
Microfossil / Micropaleontology Slides
These are new items that we have specially produced for microfossil enthusiasts. These 1x3 inch microfossil slides have a
built in removable plastic coverslip and a 1.5mm deep, 12 or 17mm wide well and can be used to store and mount your
microfossils. Larger microfossils can be housed without glue, or you can apply glue to the bottom of the well and mount
even the smallest specimens. You can fit dozens of specimens in each slide.

These are among the most inexpensive microfossil slides on the net and the built in cover slip means there is no need deal
with expensive aluminium cases or glass slide covers (although you can easily replace the plastic with a glass coverslip).
This makes the slides perfect for children to use and very cost effective.

Some of the slides may be a little rough or not quite aligned but they are fully functional and ready to be used. There is
room to write on the slides or apply an adhesive label. If you still want to place the slide in a case with glass coverslip they
are sized to fit any standard 1x3 inch slide cover.

If we are sold out we will have more produced within a couple of days, so please be sure to contact us if you wish to go
on a waiting list.
Microfossil Categories
17mm single well
12mm single well
Due to the fact that these are a manufactured item we can only offer these slides in British Pounds Stirling.
Paypal will automatically convert any invoices we send to your local currency but the total will fluctuate at any given time based on the exchange rate.