Microfossil Slides
Micropalaeontology slides prefilled with microfossils. These are ideal for study as they exhibit most
members of the microfauna. Please note that in all cases we now use a new rapid loading process to
make these slides. This means the fossils can be in any orientation and some non fossiliferous grains
are also included, but you get many more specimens per slide than with the traditional method of
prep. Furthermore, as a water based glue is used it is easy to remove and reorient any specimens.

The price of any slide is based on the rarity of the material and/or (as in the case of conodont and
vertebrate remains) the time taken to pick and mount each specimen. You will note that using this
new technique we have been able to reduce the price of many of our slides.
Olentangy Shale Ostracods - £10/$15
Maple Mill Vertebrates - £15/$25
From the Middle Devonian of Ohio. A well preserved
fauna of the same age as the Silica Shale. Smooth and
ornate forms are represented and the slide comes with
an ID card as shown. Excellent study material.
Genudewa Limestone Conodonts and Vertebrates - £10/$15
From the Devonian of Eighteen Mile Creek,
New York. These slides contain conodont, fish
and shark remains. The shark teeth are mostly
damaged but the conodonts show a variety of
forms, many of which are heavily ornamented.
From the Devonian of Kalona, Iowa. These slides contain conodont, fish and shark remains. Teeth and scales of
sharks are represented along with the remains of fish. The non conodont vertebrates are surprisingly common in
this deposit as the images show. Shark teeth are usually incomplete but this is a well preserved and diverse fauna.
Chappel Limestone Conodonts - £10/$15
From the Mississippian of Texas. A nice selection of conodonts complete with ID
card. Occasional fish and shark microfossils are also included.
Prospect Hill Conodonts - £10/$15
From the Mississippian of Kalona, Iowa. A nice selection of conodonts complete with
ID card. Occasional fish and shark microfossils are also included.
Gene Autry Shale Conodonts, Forams and Vertebrates - £10/$15
From the Pennsylvanian of Oklahoma. The slides contain a nice mix of foraminifera, conodonts,
ostracods and vertebrate remains. Excellent preservation of a very attractive fauna.
Harding Sandstone Conodonts - £15/$25
One of the best preserved Ordovician conodont faunas in the world. The specimens are mostly
complete and show a variety of fearsome looking forms. In addition, other vertebrate material is
preserved including some of the earliest fish and shark scales. A rare fauna that is perfect for study.
Wellington Garbar Complex Sharks - £10/$15
A great selection of skin and mucous membrane denticles and teeth from Orthocanth
sharks with the occasional amphibian tooth thrown in for good measure.
An important
part of the Permian freshwater shark fossil record.
Arkona Shale Ostracods & Tentaculitids - £10/$15
From the Middle Devonian of Ontario, Canada. This slide contains the best preserved Devonian ostracods we have
seen. The fauna is similar to that of the Olentangy Shale and Silica Shale of Ohio.
Silica Shale Ostracods & Tentaculitids - £10/$15
Monte Cristo Formation Slide - £10/$15
Tin Mountain Formation Slide - £10/$15
Holocene / Recent
Philippines 3357 Feet Slide - £12/$20
Angostura Formation, Ecuador Slide - £10/$15
Geshesdzerts Beds, Bavaria Slide - £12/$20
Borbon Formation, Ecuador Slide - £12/$20
Brasso Formation, Trinidad Slide - £12/$20
Charapato Formation, Ecuador Slide - £12/$20
Cipero Formation, Trinidad Slide - £12/$20
Continental Shelf, Trinidad Slide - £12/$20
Shubuta Clay Slide - £12/$20
Eudora Shale Slide - £10/$15
Guayabal Formation, Mexico - £12/$20
Miocene, Cebu, Philippines Slide - £12/$20
Mississippi Mud Lumps Slide - £12/$20
Navet Formation, Trinidad - £12/$20
Oligocene Miocene boundary, Ecuador Slide - £12/$20
Onzole Formation, Ecuador - £12/$20
Landenian Beds, Belgium - £12/$20
Palmira Formation, Ecuador - £12/$20
Pecan Gap Marl Slide - £12/$20
Pliocene, Ecudaor Slide - £10/$15
Pliocene, Philippines Slide - £10/$15
Salem Limestone Slide - £10/$15
Saratoga Chalk Slide - £12/$20
Seca Formation, Ecuador - £12/$20
Tosagua Formation, Ecuador - £12/$20
Velasco Formation, Mexico Slide - £10/$15
Please note: Many of the images below show the old 60 cell slides that we
used to use. We now use single or double cell slides as in the images
right. You get just as many specimens but they are cheaper and allow us
to reduce the price of the finished slides. in all other aspeces the slides are
the same - you get many specimens in any orientation that can be easily
removed and studied. Our newest additions on this page show the slides
as we now sell them.

In addition some of our slides are now unmounted samples (right) - this
means the microfossils are completely loose in the slides so they can be
easily removed for study. These are ideal for people who lilke to mount
their own specimens. Only our richest samples are sold this way.
Belhaven Bay, Scotland - Drymount Slide - £5/$8
Calgary Bay, Mull - Drymount Slide - £5/$8
Cuisian, France - Drymount Slide £5/$8
Fercourt, France - Drymount Slide £5/$8
Hagdan, Philippines 275 feet - £5/$8
London Clay, England - Drymount Slide £5/$8
Louisiana Bore Hole 249 feet - £5/$8
Ferme de L'Orme, France - Drymount Slide £5/$8
Torrente Stirone, Italy - £5/$8
Dogs Bay, Ireland - Dry mount - £5/$8
Dooloughan Bay, Ireland - Dry Mount - £5/$8
Gore Cove, Dorset - Dry mount - £5/$8