New Fossils & Updates
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Shortly we are going to begin changes to our website to better streamline it for the kind of
questions we receive and the types of items that are sold. Going forward most images (unless
otherwise noted) will be of typical specimens and not necessarily the ones you will receive. This
is because so many of the items we sell are microfossils and microslides and there is no need to
show images for each specimen. Additionally many of the small items we sell are all very similar
and again there is no need to photograph every one. This saves us time and keeps our prices
down. In the mean time check out our ebay store (KDFossils) for many more items.
May 24, 2016
For those interested in thin sections we have greatly increased the number of specimens and
collections that we now offer. Included are stromatolites, corals, bryozoans, sponges and more.
All are the most keenly priced that you will find on the internet.
We have updated the website to remove sold items. However, we have left many of the images in
place should you wish to use them for reference.

You will also notice many of our listings are now generic, showing typical specimens rather than
the specific one you will receive. This allows us to save time with listings and keep costs down. It
is not what everyone prefers, but with lower cost items it is the most efficient method for us to use.
August 16, 2016
A new series of web pages has been added where you can now license our images for use in/on
any form of media. These pages are still under construction but the first 150 photos are ready to

As a reminder, don't worry about the last update date shown on our pages. We only update our
website infrequently, so if the date is old it doesn't mean we are out of business! Check us out on
eBay for current (and almost weekly) updates - user name KDFossils
December 16, 2016