New Fossils & Updates
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A new series of web pages has been added where you can now license our images for use in/on
any form of media. These pages are still under construction but the first 150 photos are ready to
As a reminder, don't worry about the last update date shown on our pages. We only update our
website infrequently, so if the date is old it doesn't mean we are out of business! Check us out on
eBay for current (and almost weekly) updates - user name KDFossils and SDfossils
October 30, 2017
We are going to be updating the pages on this website over the coming weeks as we have been
neglecting this part of the business.

Our first new addition is a page of
Roman antiquities including pottery, coins and jewellery.
These are neat, thought provoking items from 2000 years ago.

thin section collections have also been added included several collections from the Silurian
age Brownsport Formation of Tennessee; the Devonian of Morocco, and the Ordovician of the

Indian points from the Archaic and Woodland periods of Texas are available and each
comes in a professional display case.

Other new specimens include:
Cave bear paws, toe bones, vertebrae and bulk bone
Mammoth Hair
Lunar Meteorite necklaces
20 piece NWA Classified meteorite collection
Tranquilityite lunar meteorite thin section
Palaeocene 18 species Micro shark collection
Jurassic and Cretaceous dinosaur, shark and ichthyosaur coprolites
Volcanic lava slices from Mount Vesuvius and the 1628 B.C. Thera eruption
Inexpensive Cambrian Trilobites
Brooksville 2 Locality - Oligocene frogs, mammals, iguanids, bats
Archaeocyathids from the Cambrian of Australia
Hell Creek crocodilian vertebrae, scutes and teeth
Hell Creek larger mammal teeth
New NWA meteorites
November 13, 2017
April 8, 2018
A new collection has been added to the Microfossil Collections page. We have had several
requests to put together collections that can be used as an introduction to microfossils for
students. The new kit includes fossil rich samples that allow students to pick out crinoids,
bryozoans, brachiopods, gastropods, bivalves, echinoids, conodonts etc. Ages range from
Devonian to recent and also allow the study of changes to marine faunas through time. Each kit
is designed for use by 10 students or 10 microscope stations. A basic ID card is included but
there are numerous ways in which the material can be used and incorporated, for example
population studies, preservational bias, faunal composition etc.