Lower Permian Freshwater
Sharks and Fishes of Texas
and Oklahoma
This is a brand new book that we have written. It is a soft
back publication consisting of 114 pages with hundreds of
photographs and illustrations, including Scanning Electron
Microscope (SEM) images. The book is professionally
printed and bound but is not available in any stores - you
can only buy it directly from us.
It is a limited edition book.

This is the only book like it on the market and is a one stop
reference for anyone interested in the freshwater aquatic
fauna of the Lowland Plains fauna of the Lower Permian of
Arhcer County, Texas and Waurika, Oklahoma. The book
updates any errors and identifications in our Waurika book
and greatly expands the number of identified specimens.

The images shown below (in low resolution) include the
table of contents and sample pages (with some of the SEM
photographs). If you bought our first two Permian books you
will want this one to complete your reference collection.
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The book covers such topics as teeth, skin denticles, fin spines with many well known genera
included such as
Orthacanthus, Barbclabornia, Helodus and other petalodonts. In addition the
Paleoniscoid fishes and Osteolepid fossils are included, as are the rare Menaspid fossils like
the enigmatic
Menaspis known from Germany. This is a great reference.