Dimetrodon limbatus
Permian Vertebrates
of Waurika, Oklahoma
The fossils on this page all originate from the Lower Permian Waurika locality in Oklahoma. This site has been known
for over 100 years and in that time has been extensively collected. Listed below are some of the many different
fossils that occur at the site. Although much of the material is well known, occasionally some unusual material occurs,
which is probably undescribed. The site was originally assigned to the Ryan Formation, which covers the latest
Pennsylvanian or lower most Permian, but recently it has been assigned to the Lower Permian Wellington - Garbar
Complex. You can order any of the fossils illustrated by
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Dimetrodon limbatus
sail spine sections
~ 25mm/1 inch long
£15/$20 each.
Dimetrodon limbatus Claws
Left: Medium ~12 mm (thumbnail shows specimen in one inch gem jar) - £50/$75 each
Centre: Small ~9 mm - £35/$50        Right: Incomplete large claw - £10/$15
Ophiacodon retroversa teeth - £10/$15 each

Very good quality complete pisciform teeth from
this unusual pelycosaur. Romer believed it was a
semi aquatic species based on the fish like teeth
and amphibian nature of it's limbs and feet.
Specimens measure on average ~10 mm
Ophiacodon retroversa
Edaphosaurus boanerges
The following specimens are all from the weird and wonderful
sailed backed herbivorous pelycosaur
Edpahosaurus. The
animal is noted for it's robust sail spine which had highly unusual
lateral bone spurs. As with
Dimetrodon the exact nature of the
sail spine is unknown but it is suspect it was either for display or
to help regulation of body temperature.
Edaphosaurus boanerges Sail Spine Sections
~1.25 inches long. Wellington Garbar Complex, Oklahoma. £20/$35 each
Edaphosaurus Vertebrae - £15/$25

~15 to 20mm - 3/4 inches long, very good
quality complete centrum with diagnostic
keel. The bone preservation is excellent.
Specimen like this are most distal thoracic
or caudal vertebrae. Similar to that shown
Pelycosaur coprolites
20 mm (5/8 inch)
each similar to shown
Reptilian coprolites
20 mm (5/8 inch)
each similar to shown
Dimetrodon 10 inch vertebra and neural spine - £750/$1250
This is a very rare specimen in that it is a complete vertebra with attached neural spine. This is not a composite piece
but is instead a very well repaired example from the sail back pelycosaur
Dimetrodon. All pieces like this are found
broken in the clay and have to be repaired - you can see the filled cracks in the spine and the left process and part of
the centrum have been restored. A beautiful, rare and highly displayable piece. This monster measures 10 inches long
and is an incredible piece. This is as good as
Dimetrodon fossils get and was collected from the Edaphosaur bed at
Waurika that was largelt worked out many years ago. Do not let restoration on fossils put you off, as long as it is
declared, not too extensive and well done the value of the piece is little affected, especially larger vertebrate pieces -
consider most dinosaur skeletons are composites and restored, the same is true for smaller delicate elements such
as this. Plus, this is Permian age so it is understandable the rigours of fossilisation will have taken their toll.
Dimetrodon vertebra - £30/$50
Very good quality, complete vertebral
centra from
Dimetrodon limbatus. The
specimens show the distinct pinched keel
and some preserve part of the neural arch
or processes. A typical specimen measures
~15 mm / 0.6 inches.
Smaller (~10 mm) £20/$35
Dimetrodon intercentra - £10/$15
Rare, very good quality, complete vertebral
intercentra from
Dimetrodon limbatus.  A
typical specimen measures ~25 mm / 0.75
inches. Rarely offered specimens.
Dimetrodon vertebrae in matrix - SOLD!
A good/very good quality Dimetrodon vertebra in
matrix. The specimen measures 25 mm / 1 inch
tall and is complete, although not all of the fossil
is revealed. It is nice to have a specimen still in
the matrix as found.
Dimetrodon Large Tooth #2 - SOLD!
A super quality complete frontal incisor from Dimetrodon limbatus. This is one of the instantly
recognisable sabre teeth of this large pelycosaur. A nice wear facet from use in life is present. No
restoration or repair. The best
Dimetrodon tooth we have ever had. Measures 32 mm / 1.25 inches
long. Rarer than any dinosaur tooth and one for the serious collector.
Ophiacodon digit and ungual - £100/$165

A nice complete ungual and 2 toe bones (both of
which are complete). The specimen is housed in
a 60 mm/ 2.25 inch glass fronted display box. A
nice set.
Secodontosaurus anterior tooth - £100/$165
A very good quality tooth from this poorly known
pelycosaur. Measures 14mm / 0.5 inches long.
Secodontosaurus rear tooth - £75/$125
A very good quality tooth from this poorly known
pelycosaur. Measures 7 mm / 0.25 inches long.
Edaphosaurus 5 inch spine - £175/$300

A very good quality section of sail spine from
Edaphosaurus boanerges. The bone preservation
is excellent. Some restoration to one pair of the
basal spurs but the other pair is unrestored.
Edaphosaurus sail spur - £6/$10

A very nice, isolated basal spine spur. Spurs of
this size were only at the base of
E. boanerges
spines, with most spurs being the much smaller
type. The image shows a typical specimen
measuring ~25 mm / 1 inch long.
For thin sections of coprolites
from Waurika please see our
Thin Section page. These
show great internal details
and inclusions.