Pleistocene Mammals
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Pleistocene of Australia
Macropus titan - Lower tooth......£12/$20
Giant Kangaroo tooth. Excellent enamel. ~15 mm long.
The following specimens are from the Lancefield Swamp deposits of Victoria, Australia
Macropus titan - Upper tooth.......£12/$20
Giant Kangaroo tooth Excellent enamel ~15 mm long.
Macropus titan - £25/$40
Upper jaw with 3 teeth ~40 mm long
Holmesina floridanum
Rare Pliocene Giant armadillo
claw ~30mm inch long.
Excellent condition and just
perfect. A Superb claw.
Mammuthus primigenius Juvenile tooth - £150/$250
A wonderful baby mammoth tooth. The tooth measures 110mm (4.25 inches) and shows nice
preservation of the root, chewing surface and enamel. This is a very displayable specimen.
Pleistocene of Florida
Macropus titan - £30/$45
Upper jaw with 4 teeth. ~40 mm long
Macropus titan - £25/40
Lower jaw with 2 teeth. ~40 to 50 mm long
Macropus titan - £30/$45
Lower jaw with 3 teeth. ~40 to 50 mm long
Bison antiquus vertebra - £25/$40
Cave Bear
Cave Bear Paw, no claws - SOLD OUT
Cave Bear bulk bone £2/$3 per piece
Excellent cave bear paw from Eastern Europe.
These are obviously composites made from
isolated bones found in the caves of Hungary,
but are all genuine fossil cave bear bones.
There are no claws with these paws, but that
does not detract from them as they are huge.
Cave Bear finger bone (near complete) £4/$5 per piece
Cave Bear vertebral centrum £10/$15 per piece
Cave Bear limb bone near complete £20/$25 per piece
Nice examples of Pleistocene bison vertebrae. From a long extinct species related to the
modern form. Several available.
Pleistocene of Siberia
Mammoth Hair - £7/$10
A nice little display of mammoth hair housed in a thick plastic slip case