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All the specimens listed on this page were dissolved out of a series of limestone blocks from the Lower Permian of
Oklahoma. It took over 6 months and more than 100 gallons of acid to dissolve one of the 30 lb blocks and release the
bones. The blocks contained thousands of bones from many disarticulated Permian vertebrates, all of which had been
deposited in a narrow water channel. Collected years ago from the now largely inaccessible Dolese Brothers Quarry
(sometimes correlated with the Admiral Formation) in Richard's Spur (Lawton). Three distinct faunas were found in the
blocks - one being rich in
Captorhinus aguti, another rich in the rare salamander or newt Doleserpeton annectens and
the final block was unusually rich in juvenile pelycosaur material belonging to
Thrausmosaurus serratidens and
Captorhinus aguti
Captorhinus aguti foot - £60/$90
An excellent quality composite foot of this famous Permian reptile. All bones and claws are complete and have been articulated
in the same manner they would have had been in life. The lid of the 1.25 inch display box holding the bones has been taped
down but this can easily be removed should you wish to handle the bones. None of the bones are glued in place.
Due to increasingly restricted access to the site it has been necessary to increase the price of these feet as it is costing more
to acquire this excellent material.
Captorhinus frontal lower and upper jaw section
Measures ~7 to 10 mm...........£20/$30 the pair
Captorhinus jaw with tooth rows
Measures ~10 mm......£12/$20
Captorhinus magnus frontal teeth - £6/$10

These large Captorhinid teeth are belong to
C. magnus based on their large size and
distinct shape. These teeth are from the
frontal upper jaw and are large for the
genus. Each collection consists of 2 teeth
(as shown left) measuring up to ~6 mm long
Doleserpeton annectens Near complete limb bones - £6/$10
This collection consists of 10 very nice limb bones. Each limb bone is near complete, usually missing one end or with
only minor damage. Excellent preservation and still great examples. Picked at random but you will get a variety of
different bones.
Captorhinus magnus
Richards Spur, Oklahoma
Captorhinus collection - £12/$20

Contains the following:
Rib, limb bone end, Intercentrum,
Axis vertebrae, Thoracic vertebrae
Skull Plate, Jaw Section with teeth

The collection is housed in a ~30 mm/
1.25 inch wide gem jar.
Doleserpeton annectens Amphibian Skull collection - £15/$25
This is a collection of very delicate specimens from an early ancestor of the newts and salamanders. Each
collection comes in a 1 inch gem jar and contains 2 post frontal bones, 2, two pterygoids, two frontal and two
posterior lower jaws (left and right sides), 2 maxilla/premaxilla and a parasphenoid.
Captorhinus magnus differs from C. aguti by being larger in size but also has only a single row of teeth in each jaw,
C. aguti that has multiple tooth rows at the rear of the jaw.
Captorhinus limb bones - set of two £15/$25

A nice set of two complete Captorhinus limb bones similar to
those shown. The specimens are housed in a 30 mm/1 inch
gem jar and are very well preserved. Although
is a common reptile, complete limb bones are not. You can
find many hundreds of broken specimens for each complete
bone. As such, these are attractive little collections. Keep in
mind the Dolese Quarry is now closed to collecting so few of
these bones will be coming available in future.
Doleserpeton annectens
Sillerpeton Vertebra - £15/$25
A very rare and complete vertebra of
are rare as they are very small and
delicate and so easily damaged. Each
specimen measures ~ 1 to 2mm long
and is a little gem. A rare addition to
any collection.
Pasawioops dentigerous plate with teeth - £4/$6

Another rare but superb fossil from this amphibian. The plate was one of many
located in the roof of the mouth forming a mosaic of wickedly recurved teeth
designed to force food down the throat of the animal. Each palate measures ~2
to 3 mm long and has excellent teeth like those shown in the images. Fearsome
and not at all common even in micro concentrate.
Sillerpeton Double Vertebrae - SOLD
Two rare and complete articulated vertebrae of this Aistopod. Very occasionally
we come across a pair of articulated vertebrae like those shown in the image. It
is rare to find such associated finds in the Richards Spur micro-matrix but the
small size of these specimens means every now and again they are preserved
in this manner. Both vertebrae are complete and are still articulated as in life
when they formed part of the back bone of the animal.
Doleserpeton Foot - £125/$200
A beautiful and very rare composite foot of this
tiny amphibian. The foot measures only 10 mm
long but is complete with all toes, unusual claws
and two ankle bones. All the bones are genuine
fossils. These have to be one of the cutest
fossils we have ever had and the tiny size makes
them really desirable.
Cardiocephalus sp.
Cardiocephalus jaw with teeth - £15/$20 each
A very good quality partial jaw with teeth. Each jaw has 3 or 4 nice teeth, occasionally
more but they are priced on having 3 or 4. The jaws measure ~3 to 5mm long and
represent about half the total length of the jaw.
Cardiocephalus was not a large animal
and as such all of its fossils are small. The jaws are characterised by the far, conical teeth
that are unusually robust for such a small animal. Other amphibians of this size have a
multitude of minute pin teeth but
Cardiocephalus seems to have gone the other way and
made do with fewer but larger teeth.
Captorhinus magnus foot - £150/$225
An excellent quality composite foot
measuring 2 inches long and 1.75
inches wide. All the bones and claws
are complete and each is a genuine
C. magnus feet are much more
rare than
C. aguti and approximately
twice as large.
Cardiocephalus complete vertebra - £6/$10  each
An excellent quality complete tiny vertebra from this microsaur. The specimen measures
~2mm long and is complete. Quite rare as small fossils such as these are often delicate
and rarely survive the collecting process.
Bolosaurus is a rare member of the Richards Spur fauna being known from only a few teeth. The specimens
represented here are some of the first to ever be made available to collectors. Rare.
Bolosaurus #1 - £30/$50
A rare collection of good quality
frontal and posterior teeth. Each
specimen measures ~6 mm long.
Bolosaurus #4 - £50/$80
A rare collection of very good
quality frontal and posterior
teeth. Each specimen measures
~6 mm long.
Captorhinus jaw - £6/$10 each
Measures ~12 mm long.
Captorhinus large jaw
#1 - £25/$40
Shown in a 1 inch/28 mm
wide gem jar
Captorhinus large jaw
#4 - SOLD!
Shown in a 1 inch/28 mm
wide gem jar
Captorhinus large jaw
#3 - £25/$40
Shown in a 1 inch/28 mm
wide gem jar
Captorhinus large jaw
#2 - £25/$40
Shown in a 1 inch/28 mm
wide gem jar
Captorhinus aguti composite skull
A rare and well reconstructed skull of this
famous reptile. The skull is a composite
(as most are) but has been very well
done. Minimal restoration but any is clear
to see when looking at the images (mostly
used to fill gaps). A very nice display
piece measuring ~60mm long.
Captorhinus magnus
jaw #1 - £50/$75
Shown in a 1 inch/28 mm
wide gem jar
Captorhinus magnus
jaw #4 - £25/$40
Shown in a 1 inch/28 mm
wide gem jar
Captorhinus magnus
jaw #3 - SOLD!
Shown in a 1 inch/28 mm
wide gem jar
Captorhinus magnus
jaw #2 - £20/$35
Shown in a 1 inch/28 mm
wide gem jar
Doleserpeton annectens - Amphibian Skull
collection - £10/$15
We also offer smaller collections of this material which have
just one of each element (essentially one side of the skull)
Doleserpeton annectens Complete
limb bone set - £10/$15
This collection consists of 4 very nice
limb bones from the tiny Permian
Cardiocephalus. Each limb
bone is complete and represents  four
of the bones from the upper and lower
limbs. Specimens are ~ 4 to 8 mm long.
Comes with a photo ID card as shown.
Doleserpeton vertebrae - £6/$10
Tiny and rarely offered vertebral elements from this tiny amphibian.
The collection includes a rib, intercentra and pleuracentra. Comes
with an ID card (shown right).