Lower Permian
Vertebrates of Oklahoma
Volume 2
Richards Spur
Available now...
This is a brand new book that we have written on the famous fauna of
Richards Spur, Oklaoma. It is a hard back publication consisting of 228
pages with close to 600 photographs and illustrations, all of which relate
to the fauna of Richards Spur. The book is professionally printed and
bound but is not available in any stores - you can only buy it directly from
us. It is the companion book to the volume on Waurika printed last year.

The first print run is limited to only 100 copies.

'Lower Permian Vertebrates of Oklahoma Volume 2' is the only book like
it on the market and is a one stop reference for anyone interested in the
vertebrate fauna of the upland fauna of the Lower Permian. The book
perfectly compliments our previous publication on the lowland Waurika
locality and describes and entirely different fauna. Any fossil collector will
find the book interesting, but for those who love the Permian it is

Here is the table of contents:

Bolterpeton carrolli                                                14
Bolterpeton species X                                           22
Cacops morrisi and Cacops woehri                     25
Cardiocephalus peabodyi and C. sternbergi       44
Diadectid                                                               53
Dissorophus sp.                                                    58
Doleserpeton annectens                                       60
Euryodus primus                                                   69
Llistrofus pricei                                                      73
Pasawioops mayi                                                  74
Phlegethontia sp. and Sillerpeton permianum     77
Acheloma dunni                                                    78
Trematopid                                                            86
Nannoreter mckinzie                                             91
Tersomius sp.                                                       92
Seymouria sp.                                                       93
Undetermined Amphibian                                    97
Skull terminology                                                 100        
Eryops megacephalus                                         101

Oromycter dolesorum                                        123
‘Thrausmosaurus serratidens’                          133
Mycterosaurus sp.                                             136
Varanops brevirostris                                        170
Sphenacodontids                                              176
Undetermined Pelycosaur                                178

Delorhynchus priscus                                      180
Colobomycter pholeter                                     185

Bolosaurus grandis                                        188
Captorhinus aguti                                           190
Captorhinus magnus                                      213
Orovenator mayorum                                     220
Undetermined Diapsid                                   222
Pathological Bones                                        223
Undetermined reptiles                                   225
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