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Volcanic Samples
On this page you will find specimens of volcanic origin. This includes ash and debris from volcanic
eruptions both ancient and recent. At present we offer specimens varying in age from about
10,000 BC to 2013. All samples are housed in labelled vials measuring ~1.75 inches tall.
Volcanic ash and rock
Mt. Cerro Azul, Chile, 1962 - £5/$8
Mt. Quizapu, Chile, 1967 - £5/$8
Mt. Etna, Sicily, 2011 - £5/$8
Iceland, 2010
Iceland, 2011
Apache Tears, Arizona - £1/$2 each
Volcanic obsidian balls
Mt. Augustine, Alaska, 1986 - £4/$6
Mt. Kilauea, Hawaii - £3/$5
Pu'u Mahana cinder cone, Hawaii
~10,000 B.C. - £3/$5
Ka'uiki Head cinder cone, Hawaii
~5,000 B.C. - £3/$5
Mount Suribachi, Japan - £5/$8
This volcanic sand was collected on Iwo
Jima, the famous island of the second
world war Pacific theatre. The image right
shows the site as it appears today.
Mount Etna
Mount Koko Head, Hawaii
~5,000 B.C. - £3/$5
Kimberlite, Colorado - £3/$5
Famous mineral from volcanic vents
Volcanic Olivine, Pakistan - £3/$5
Famous green mineral from volcanic vents
Mount Redoubt, Alaska, 2009 - £3/$5
Mt. Pinatubo, Philippines, 1991 - £10/$15
This material was collected off the deck of the ship SS Libra shortly after the volcanic eruption.
The ash comes in a small capsule inside a labelled vial. Also comes with 5 photo ID cards from
an official analysis that was done on the ash. Shows the ship, a map showing the exact location
the ask was collected, an SEM photo of the ash plus the summary report on the material. Rare!
Santorini (Thera), Greece - £5/$8
Minoan eruption ~1628 B.C.
Mt. Taranaki, New Zealand - £5/$8
Magnetic volcanic sand
Mt. Tavurvur, Papua New Guinea
Mount Tavurvur, Papua New Guinea
Mt. Vesuvius, Pompeii - SOLD OUT
This is ash and pumice fragments from the
famous Pompeii volcanic eruption of 79 AD.
Volcanic sample collection - £40/$60
13 samples including 12 from those listed above plus a sample of volcanic rock from Mount Etna.
You can see the labels in the image below, which tell you exactly the samples you will receive.
Mt. St. Helens
Washington State
Collected in 1980 within
days of the eruption.
Volcanic sample collection #2 - £30/$50
13 samples including lava bomb slices, a variety of Mid Atlantic ridge samples and other cool
volcanic pieces.
Mid Atlantic Ridge lava sample - £10/$15
A rare piece of lava from the Mid Atlantic ridge collected on Ascension Island just 60 miles from
the ridge. Barely 1 million years old these are some of the youngest volcanic rocks.
Mount Vesuvius lava slice - £10/$15
collected from the area around Pompeii
these slices show the internal details of
the lava bombs that fall in the area.
Mount Santorini lava slice - £15/$20
From the Thera eruption in 1628 B.C.
that destroyed the Minoan civilisation
Historical Specimens